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The WWTP Staffing Spreadsheet extracts the data and methodology presented in the 1973 EPA Publication MO-1 entitled "Estimating Staffing for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities." While this publication is over 30 years old, this document is still in use for estimating or validating staffing requirements. We have recently tested it against plants varying in size from 5 mgd to 12 mgd and found the estimates close to the actual staffing levels at those plants.

This spreadsheet is open source shareware that we are offering to the community as a collaborative product; please read the licensing terms embedded in the spreadsheet and only use it if you agree to them. Please send us any suggested improvements, comments, or enhancements so that we may share them with others.

System Requirements
Windows XP, Microsoft Excel 2003
Latest Version, Version Date
1.01, 8/16/2006

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