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SBR Flow Routing Spreadsheet   
Activated Sludge Model 1 for SBRs   
WWTP Staffing Spreadsheet   

Water Works Engineers is pleased to offer the following MS Excel Spreadsheets as open-source shareware. We believe in the open-source initiative as a means of providing progress through collaboration and encourage others to join with us. We will post updates to our products on this site as other users/developers provide feedback, point out bugs, or provide enhancements.

To learn more about our products and to download them, follow the link provided to the left.

SBR Flow Routing -- A spreadsheet tool to view how sequencing batch reactors (SBR) will respond to varied flow conditions in a wastewater treatment plant.
ASM1-SBR -- A spreadsheet tool to simulate the performance of a single sequencing batch reactor (SBR) cycle.
Estimating Staffing for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities -- A spreadsheet based on the USEPA Publication MO-1 dated March, 1973 of the same name.