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Relocation of 63” Sewer on Oak Street,
City of Roseville, CA

Water Works Engineers was selected by the City of Roseville to complete routing alternatives assessment, environmental permit planning, survey, and design for relocation of the City’s 63-inch diameter sewer interceptor through downtown Roseville. The current alignment of the 63-inch reinforced concrete sewer pipe is in close proximity to the creek and cuts directly through a high profile property that the City wishes to develop as part of their Downtown Specific Plan. Our team developed and presented a wide variety of traditional and out of the box options, from relocating off the property to providing O&M alternatives that would allow them to leave it in place, build over the top and save nearly $1M in construction. Our team analyzed how right-of-way, property encumbrance, shoring/excavation, environmental permitting, groundwater and contamination, traffic flow, existing utilities, current and future City development, and public safety would affect the constructability and cost of the project.

Based on our analysis, the City elected to move forward with detailed analysis and design to relocate the pipe. Our team is developing a design approach that will allow open-cut and micro-tunneling to bid competitively against one another while limiting impacts to downtown area during construction. Design includes tradition and trenchless construction specifications; detailed 3-dimensional CAD drawings of new and existing utilities; by-pass pumping requirements; detailed structural analysis of tie-in to existing siphon; traffic control plans; and alternate pipe materials technical specifications.