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BFI Sewage Pump Station Upgrade,
City of Alameda, CA

The City of Alameda hired Water Works Engineers to provide preliminary design analysis, detailed design, and assistance during public bidding and construction for improvements to the Bay Farm Island (BFI) Pump Station. The station was originally built in 1941, was in deteriorating condition, and was undersized for current peak wet weather flow. These issues presented extreme reliability concerns in direct conflict with Alameda’s EPA Order to address and limit inflow and infiltration so as not to impact the East Bay Municipal Utility District WWTP.

The key design objectives of this job were to:

  • Identify, analyze, select and provide preliminary design to cost effectively convert the existing facility to a more reliable and maintainable station;
  • Design and see through construction conversion of the existing structure from wet/dry pit to a self-cleaning wet well that meets ultimate build-out needs while maintaining system operation during construction;
  • Develop solutions that are within the City budget and maintain operational reliability of the collection system during and after construction.

To meet these objectives, WWE followed a core design philosophy:

  • Utilize jet-grouting to stabilize subsurface against liquefaction to allow re-purposing of existing wet/dry pit as an enlarged wet-pit for upgraded system;
  • Design the trench-type self-cleaning wet well to Hydraulic Institute standards;
  • Install three 20-hp Flygt submersible pumps to meet current and future flows;
  • Modify SSMP language to support standardizing on Flygt pumps; and
  • Accelerate design and construction to take advantage of current favorable bidding conditions and support local economy.

The improvements are currently under construction and are expected to be operational by Fall, 2012.

Self-Cleaning Wet Well with Submersible Pumps

Conversion of Wet/Dry Pit to Trench-Style Self-Cleaning Wet Well