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Water and Wastewater System Upgrades
Price River Water Improvements District, Price UT

Water Works Engineers was engaged by Price River Water Improvement District (PRWID) to complete several high priority engineering study and design projects in its water treatment, wastewater treatment, distribution system, and collection system facilities.

Water Treatment Facility Upgrade and Expansion

PRWID provides water to several communities and private water utilities within Carbon and Emery Counties. Their water treatment facility draws water directly from the Price River and employs a conventional flocculation, sedimentation, filtration process to meet drinking water standards. The facility is currently operating at capacity to meet water demands during the summer months. Upgrades to the process are also necessary to meet newly promulgated regulations concerning disinfection by-product (DBP) formation in the distribution system. Waterworks Engineers completed bench scale testing to assess treatment options and identify solutions that will provide an increase in plant capacity as well as address necessary process improvements. Project responsibilities included process evaluation, development of estimated construction costs, preliminary design, detailed design, construction administration, and facility start-up and optimization.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade and Expansion

The PRWID Wastewater Treatment Plant provides wastewater treatment for several communities in Carbon County. The facility includes trickling filter and activated sludge treatment processes and utilizes anaerobic digesters and facultative solids basins for processing or comingled primary and waste activated solids. WaterWorks completed design and construction administration for upgrades to the solids processing facilities including replacement of the digester lids, additional solids pumping, digester gas handling, and upgrades to the process instrumentation and controls. The project included the evaluation of sludge production, evaluation of digester gas production, evaluation of the solids pumping system, solids pump selection and sizing, structural evaluation of the existing digesters, and the integration of the new equipment into the operations of the treatment facility. The WaterWorks Engineers staff worked closely with plant operators and District management to deliver a project that provided much needed operational improvements on a tight construction budget.

Distribution System Hydraulic and Water Quality Modeling

Water Works Engineers developed a comprehensive hydraulic and water quality model of the Districtís distribution system that met the new modeling requirements established by the State of Utah Division of Drinking Water. The hydraulic model was used to evaluate system performance and identify necessary upgrades for future planning. The water quality model was used to estimate water age within the system to evaluate and model the formation of disinfection by-products within the distribution system and ensure water quality stability within the distribution system relative to WTP design changes.