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WW Collection System Assessment Program,
San Mateo County Special Districts, San Mateo, CA

Water Works Engineers is a key member of the engineering team that was selected by the County of San Mateo Public Works Department as their “on-call” engineering firm for sanitary sewer system design for their 10 community sewer districts (CSDs). The County intends to utilize the team to develop and update the O&M section of their SSMP with a “Risk of Failure” based condition assessment and capital improvement program (CA&CIP). Task currently include general SSMP review and compliance audit, FOG control program updates, and existing SECAP data verification. The team will be working with County staff to merge data from their FOG, O&M and SECAP programs into a combined capital improvement program that ensures expenditure of limited County capital project funds on the highest “risk of failure” assets. Current scope of services includes:

  • Develop a “Risk-of-Failure” based pipeline/ manhole assessment algorithm;
  • Develop electronic manual of SOPs for field and office O&M activities;
  • Identify, evaluate, select and purchase CCTV (pipeline and manhole) inspection software based on County specific interface needs (i.e. Hansen 7.7);
  • Develop a Microsoft Access based Assessment and Capital Planning Module using Microsoft Visual Basic Application (ESRI ArcGIS forms) and/or Microsoft VB.NET (stand-alone form) to “live-link” various O&M / CIP program data (CCTV and Manhole data, Hansen, GIS) into one application;
  • Develop a technical specification for CCTV and Manhole Inspection Services; assist County with development of “qualifications-based” public bid documents for contracted cleaning & inspection services (105,000-LF- CCTV / 400 SSMHs);
  • Assist with contract negotiations and field observation / QC for CCTV and Manhole Inspection Services and complete upload of field data into CACIP Module;
  • Evaluate field data, review identified defects and severity; utilize the CA&CIP Module to assign recommended O&M enhancements and/or rehabilitation or replacement recommendations; and update O&M frequencies in Hansen to account for field conditions;
  • Bundle rehabilitation and replacement recommendations into distinct capital projects based on severity and available County funding; and develop time phased Capital Improvement Plan with projects generally divided into categories: Urgent (0-3 years); Short-Term (3-10 years); and Long-Term (10-20 years); and
  • Complete and submit regulatory compliance plans, updates and annual reports required by RWQCB Cease and Desist Order.

GIS Interface to Assessment Data