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Los Vaqueros Energy Recovery Project,
Contra Costa Water District, Antioch, CA

Water Works Engineers was the design engineer on a design-build team to construct a 1.0 MW low-head hydro turbine on a raw water transmission pipeline owned and operated by CCWD. The turbine facility operates in parallel with an existing pressure reducing station used to burn excess head when transferring water from the Los Vaqueros reservoir into the Contra Costa Canal. For flows up to approximately 150 cfs, all of the water will pass through the turbine. At flows from 150 to 250 cfs, the additional flow will continue to flow through the existing sleeve valves. The hydro turbine is a Francis Turbine operating at a speed of 360 rpm. Feed and discharge piping to the turbine are 60 and 66 welded steel pipe, respectively. The installation has been designed for very slow transition speeds (30 minutes closure time) to minimize the hydraulic surge impact on the Los Vaqueros pipeline.

3-D Model of Power Plant

Turbine-Generator with Lube Oil Unit in Foreground