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Central Buckeye WWTP Phase 2.1 Expansion,
City of Buckeye, AZ

Water Works Engineers designed an expansion to Buckeye’s Central WWTP as a part of the design-build team under PCL Constructors. The expansion increased the plant’s capacity from 3.0 mgd to 4.5 mgd (average annual flow). The Central Buckeye WWTP is a secondary treatment facility consisting of a manual bar screen, 3 mm fine screen, raw wastewater pumping, vortex grit removal, activated sludge facilities, filtration and disinfection. Waste activated sludge is thickened using a gravity belt section prior to ultimate belt filter press processing of these solids. The existing facilities were laid out in two parallel treatment trains. Under Phase 2.1, a new third treatment train was added.

Facilities added under Phase 2.1 included:

  • Bioreactor train with anoxic and aerobic zones. Mixing in anoxic zones with submersible propeller mixers. Aeration in aerobic zones with fine-bubble membrane diffusers
  • Dry-pit solids-handling centrifugal pumps for recirculation of mixed liquor
  • 65-foot diameter secondary clarifier
  • Secondary scum pump station
  • RAS pump station with dry-pit horizontal screw centrifugal pumps
  • 3,000 scfm process air blower
  • 8-disk cloth-media filter
  • Chlorine contact tank

1,000 gpm Reuse Effluent Pump Station