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Iron, Manganese and Uranium Removal Project ,
Sierra Army Depot, Herlong, CA

Sierra Army Depot (SIAD), located in Herlong, California, provides water from four wells to the Army base and to the surrounding community. Several of the wells (5, 8 and 9) have iron, manganese and uranium issues. Water Works Engineers (WWE) teamed with Cushman Contracting of Goleta, California, and was selected for the project based on overall value to the Government. Our proposed technical approach to treating the water to below SMCL and MCL included the following:

  • 0.5 mile long raw water pipeline from Well 9 to Well 5
  • 2,400 square-foot water treatment building at Well 5 to treat water from both Wells 5 and 9 with greensand filters for iron and manganese removal, backwash recovery (99% efficient) and control systems
  • 2,400 square-foot water treatment building at Well 8 to treat water from Well 8 with greensand filters and side-stream anion exchange (uranium removal), backwash recovery and control systems
  • Installation of variable frequency drives at Well 8 and 5 to reduce the size of the standby generators required
  • Retrofit of the base control system for the water storage and distribution system with a new SCADA system

In addition to using highly efficient backwash recovery scheme with the greensand filters, the side-stream uranium treatment will run approximately one year between brine regeneration and 15 years between media replacement.