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Well Site 20B Arsenic System Project,
Litchfield Park Service Company (LPSCO), Goodyear AZ

Litchfield Park Service Company (LPSCO) owns and operates numerous potable water wells to supply its service area with drinking water. In an effort to improve the reliability of its drinking water supply, LPSCO developed a master plan to identify needed system improvements, including upgrading existing wells, developing new wells, equipping wells with arsenic treatment systems as needed, and adding storage capacity. The Well Site 20 Arsenic System Project is one of many projects that are being undertaken by LPSCO as part of the Master Plan implementation.

The improvements at Well Site 20B consisted of the following:

  • Relocation of an arsenic removal system - The proposed Severn Trent Services Model EAS-4710 ARS consists of two 12 4-diameter pressure vessels with a 5 shell. The vessels are filled with 3 of new BayOxide E33P disposable granular iron media in pellet form. The two vessels are operated in parallel or series with a maximum hydraulic loading of 6.7 gallons per minute per square foot and a minimum empty bed contact time of 3.6 minutes. Blending of the treated water stream from the vessels and the raw water bypass stream is controlled by a dual-solenoid motor-actuated diaphragm throttling valve in the bypass line to maintain a target level of 8 g/L of total arsenic at the blend point
  • Providing a booster pump station consisting of two pumps equipped with VFDs and rated for 1,500 gpm at 40 psig
  • Providing new discharge piping, sand separator and hydropneumatic tank
  • Providing a new sodium hypochlorite generation and feed system
  • Site grading and drainage
  • Site work including a 10 ft fence and landscaping
  • New electrical equipment and control system
  • Permitting through the City of Goodyear and MCESD

Water Works Engineers provided design engineering services, developed construction documents, acquired City planning, building and construction permits, and obtained County Approval-to-Construct and Approval-of-Construction Permits. This work was done on an expedited schedule in order to meet a Jan 09 deadline.

Water Works Engineers provided coordination with Archer Western and its subcontractors during the design and construction phases. During the design phase, progress meetings were conducted that allowed for constructability and operability reviews, status reporting and equipment pre-purchase coordination. During construction, Water Works Engineers provided field inspection, submittal reviews and will provide startup and commissioning services.