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Mary Street Lift Station Replacement,
City of Redding, Redding CA

Water Works Engineers designed the replacement of the City of Redding’s Mary Street Lift Station. The existing 40-plus year old lift station was near the end of its useful life, and was replaced and expanded to a peak flow of 2600 gpm to meet the growth in its service area. The pump station is near the Sacramento River Trail and high-end homes, so system reliability, aesthetics, security, and odor control were key design factors for the new pumping facility.

The new lift station uses parallel sets of dry-pit submersible pumps in a dual wet-well arrangement for system reliability and redundancy. A wall-mounted, inline raw sewage grinder grinds influent solids and minimize the potential for the pumps to “rag up”. Smaller pumps driven by variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used to accommodate low system flows, and larger 2600 pumps on VFDs handle peak flows. Until a new mile-long 12-inch diameter forcemain is constructed, the pumps will discharge into an existing 1000-foot long, 10-inch diameter cast iron forcemain. Discharge piping and valves were designed to accommodate a variety of pumping scenarios. A new CMU block electrical building and exterior wall houses the electrical devices and diesel generator set.

This project was coupled with the replacement of a 12-inch, elevated gravity sewer project that feeds the pump station through the Jenny Creek drainage.

3-D Model of Inside of Lift Station (Back View)

3-D Model of Outside of Lift Station (Front View)