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Lucerne Water Treatment Plant Upgrade,
California Water Service Company, Lucerne CA

The California Water Service Company (CWSC) owns and operates the Lucerne Water Treatment Plant in Lucerne, CA. The Lucerne WTP needed significant improvements in order to consistently meet drinking water quality standards. For three years, CWSC worked to implement an upgrade to the Lucerne WTP. Initial efforts at designing an upgrade to the WTP resulted in projects that would cost CWSC nearly twice the funding which had been made available by the State Revolving Fund loan that had been procured. Faced with this impasse, CWSC abandoned the previous design work and hired Water Works Engineers to come up with a new plan.

Working closely with CWSC’s engineering and operations staff, Water Works Engineers took the following approach:

  • Utilize equipment which had been purchased by CWSC during the previous design efforts,
  • Integrate various small improvements to the facility which had been made as “interim improvements”
  • Maximize the re-use of the existing plant facilities
  • Focus the on state-of-the-art water treatment equipment and processes, not extravagent facilities

The result of this design effort cut project costs nearly in half, made the project economically feasible and solved CWSC’s problem. In addition, the new design was completed – from Engineering Report to Bid Documents - in three months; fast enough to get the project bid and built within the timeline commitment which had been made to the State Revolving Fund. Last, but not least, the new design gave CWSC’s operators the tools they need to produce extremely high quality water from a challenging source (Clear Lake). The new plan for upgrading the water treatment plant included the following:

  • Upflow Clarification Improvements
  • Amiad pre-filtration
  • Pall Membrane Microfiltration with automated CIP and EFM systems
  • Trojan in-pipe UV Disinfection/Advanced Oxidation for Taste and Odor control
  • Chlorine contact (for virus control only)
  • Backwash equalization, clarification and recovery
  • Screw press dewatering of backwash solids

Existing Lucerne WTP

Design Model of the New Microfiltration Facility