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North Market Lift Station Replacement,
City of Redding, Redding CA

“The old North Market Lift Station was requiring our crews to de-rag the pumps on a weekly basis. After the replacement pump station [designed by Water Works Engineers] was constructed with the self-cleaning wetwell design, we have had zero rag-up issues and the required pump station maintenance has dropped considerably.”

– Dwayne Norman, Wastewater Collection Supervisor, City of Redding

Water Works Engineers designed the replacement of the City of Redding’s North Market Lift Station. The existing 40-year old lift station was replaced and expanded to a peak flow of 4900 gpm to meet the growth in its service area. Historical problems with rag-up and the new lift station uses Vertical Turbine Solids Handling pumps in a new self-cleaning trench-type wetwell.

The lift station allows discharge raw wastewater into a new force main that crosses under the Sacramento River. Initial force main installation is two 1600-ft long 16” HDPE pipelines, however a future 1110-ft extension of the force main is planned. The lift station was designed to accommodate both hydraulic conditions without requiring pump change-out.

Because the lift station is directly adjacent to a heavily trafficked public-use trail and located near a large tourist destination and local landmark, the Sundial Bridge, good-neighbor aspects, including noise and odor control and off-site light impacts, were an essential part of the project.